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"The Harvard of Pot Schools," says Denver's WestWord!! Learn the Colorado Laws & To Grow Your Own Cannabis Under Any Conditions All-In-1-Day

$250.00 ALWAYS includes a Friend

 Saturday All-In-1-Day Class:  

February 4, March 4, 2017

Denver, CO
CANNABIS UNIVERSITY™ Inc is an information driven school for all...there are no requirements of any kind.Since 2008 we have educated and supported more than 783 happy students from all over the country!
     We do not keep a storefront, but hold classes in a public place, handicapped accessible! You need not be a registry card holder. Students may remain anonymous if they desire. Our class size is limited in order that our expert faculty can answer all our students questions relating to their own environment and needs. The cost is $250.00 and that includes a friend/partner (because two heads are better than one).
ur popular, All-In-One-Day
class is on a Saturday once a month, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM in Denver, CO. Legal Possession in Colorado is first in the morning, Article XVIII and more. Growing Your Own Medicine Under Any Conditions in the afternoon is a hands-on experience about all methods of growing marijuana based on Colorado conditions and available products. Each person receives a Certificate of Completion and we provide on-going support for your projects from our experts once you are an alumni, a service always appreciated and well-used!
      We are committed to providing people with the hands-on knowledge they need to comply with our Colorado laws. CANNABIS UNIVERSITY™Inc was established to change hearts and minds by joining the robust business community of physicians, attorneys, retail merchants, media, and caregivers in contributing to the acceptance of marijuana after a century of negative images associated with it and its users.

Michelle LaMay, the Dean and CEO